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Conquer & Connect Retreat
September 21-23, 2018



Conquer & Connect Community

Our insightful community helps women take their ambitions and inspirations to the next level. There is power in the collective strength that comes from women supporting each other. Become part of our sisterhood.

Conquer & Connect Co-Founders

Entrepreneur Jasmine Brett Stringer and leadership strategist Adrienne Jordan are influencers, lifestyle experts, female empowerment speakers and Twin Cities’ residents. They work together in the shared passion of investing in women.



Empower yourself to break through your own personal status quo. It’s a perfect time to review your ambitions and aspirations, then take them to the next level. See the strength, resilience and creativity within and hone the skills you need to conquer your personal, career and community goals.

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Take this rare opportunity to engage and foster relationships with women like you –  soul searchers looking to clarify, re-evaluate and develop a plan to achieve their personal and professional desires.



Everything you need for an idyllic retreat is waiting for you at the tranquil, lakeside Oak Ridge Hotel & Convention Center. Here you can disconnect from life’s daily grind and intentionally take time for personal development, reflection, self-care and relaxation. An inspirational program will provide empowerment tools in a non-competitive atmosphere with likeminded women.

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The 2018 Conquer & Connect Retreat will equip you with the tools and time to reconnect with yourself and other women from all different backgrounds who are striving, like you, to get all they desire from life.

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